Saturday, 24 January 2015


Having escaped the trap of the Carillon casino, our fighter pilot heroes blast off for a rondezvous with Cylon forces attacking the Galactica. All of our main heroes are shown in this pivotal sequence: Apollo, Starbuck, Boomer and Jolly, all itching for payback against their enemies. But who's the guy above? We see him for a few seconds but hadn't seen him previously in the pilot episode. Nor do we see him afterwards?

I'm assuming he was an actor who had some cockpit scene dialogue filmed but cut out from the final version of Saga of a Star World - a series launcher that did have lots of editing/re-editing and re-shoots before its eventual debut. To this writer, he looks very much like a young Richard Chaves, who later became well known for another sci-fi series, War of the Worlds, in the late eighties.

If anyone has any more info on who the actor is/the character he played, please get in touch...

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