Saturday, 22 November 2014


STAR TREK: The Original Series got an effective CGI makeover on HD and Blu-ray a few years back that was mostly very successful, now here's a fun taster of what Classic GALACTICA could look like revamped, with this terrific clip reinterpretation of an exciting space battle scene from The Living Legend, courtesy of BABYLON 5's top effects man/senior animator Adam "mojo" Lebowitz.

Demo Reel - Remastering A Classic on Vimeo

Discovering the Cylon Tanker.
Silver Spar Vipers above the Cylon's cloud cover camouflage.

Its great stuff, I'm sure you'll agree. Here's hoping he gets to do some more...

With thanks to the Babylon 5 - Some behind the scenes stuff  FACEBOOK page for the heads-up.

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