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Dennis Haysbert gets ready to launch his Viper in GALACTICA 1980.

Watching the series again after years away from it, my recent experience of the ten-episode  GALACTICA 1980 series has mildly changed - it doesn't feel as bad as it used to be, though I have trouble accepting it as any genuine kind of cannon in the BG universe- the loss of most of the original cast being particularly painful. Its final episode, The Return of Starbuck, remains its one genuine triumphant (which we've previously covered), but there's a few other elements from the series that I feel are worthy of mention on this site that we'll be posting in the coming months. First off, the episode Space Croppers shows us the next generation of Viper fighter pilots- the youthful, risk-taking, flight-deck aggravating Daggit Squadron, under the command of Captain Dante (played by Philip Levien). Seen only in this one episode, their primary task would be to continue to defend the Colonial Fleet and keep the Cylons attentions focused away from Earth via numerous risky diversionary missions and attacks. One of the pilots seen in the episode is future 24 star Dennis Haysbert, whose pilot nickname was "Creature". As well as GALACTICA 1980, that year 1979-1980 at UNIVERSAL would also see his making appearances in another popular sci-fi TV favourite of the time: BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY (both seasons). Other Daggit pilots were likely played by actors John Dantona (Foley), Gordon Haight (Deacon), Stefan Hayes (Channon) and Lance Mugleston. If anyone can confirm this, or has any more info, please get in touch.

Here are images of the Daggit Squadron pilots, wearing interesting new variations on the classic fighter pilot helmets from the original series (Dillon and Troy also wear the headgear). Though, due to the very low budget nature of its successor, some of them are attired in different variations of Colonial Warrior costume than others.

Captain Dante (Philip Levien).
The pilot nick-named "Creature" (Dennis Haysbert). Note his wearing of one of the black combat outfits worn by Apollo and co. from The Living Legend.
Unknown Viper pilot 1.

Unknown Viper pilot number 2.

Unknown Viper pilot number 3 wearing Commander Cain's costume from The Living Legend.
Unknown Viper pilot number 4.
Unknown Viper pilot number 5. 

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