Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Celebrating the 35th Anniversary, I'm presenting the third and final Classic Battlestar Galactica adventure that I wrote waaayyy back in the late late-nineties. It was originally published in the much-missed UK BG fan club magazine: The Thirteenth Tribe, and, I believe, it proved quite popular.

Only this original draft remains, so sorry for the spelling mistakes and grammar of the time, but I think the tale, titled Message in a Bottle, is a worthy tribute and celebration of the classic series and its characters. It's humbly dedicated to Glen A. Larson and all the cast and crew who worked on the original series and helped to make it such an enduring, worldwide success...

I and other members of that shiny planet known as Earth raise a chalice of vintage ambrosia to you!

Happy 35th Birthday, Battlestar Galactica!

With thanks to the By Your Command website for the main image.


  1. In the Thirteenth tribe fanzine, the show was always referred to as BG and not BSG, is that right?

  2. Well, our memories coincide!