Thursday, 17 January 2013


Before becoming best known to Classic TV viewers worldwide as the friendly alien Visitor, Martin (and later his twin brother brother Philip), in Kenneth Johnson's original, well-written Earth invasion  mini-series V, veteran TV actor Frank Ashmore was familiar to Classic GALACTICA fans for his portrayal as the corrupt and totally unlikable Flight Sargent Ortega, who had some serious personality issues with Starbuck after a game of intense Triad, in the classic episode Murder on the Rising Star.

Suffice to say, Ortega's screen time was short lived- having made one too many an enemy in his time within the Colonial Service, resulting in poor old Starbuck unfortunately ending up being Number One Prime Suspect for his blastered demise. Fortunately, Apollo and Boomer were around to prove their friend innocent, and the stressful charges dropped...

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