Wednesday, 12 September 2012


The late Lance LeGault. Image via STARTREK.COM website.
Sorry to hear today of the sad passing of Lance LeGault, one of the great guest stars and character actors of modern American television over the last forty years, who's appeared in everything, including cult favourites like from THE A-TEAM, to BUCK ROGERS, to numerous STAR TREK series and BABYLON 5 spin-off, CRUSADE. I'll always remember him best, though, for his several episodes in classic BATTLESTAR GALACTICA as Maga, the scary leader of the fearsome Borellian Nomen triad, on a blood hunt for "Captain Dimitri", as played by Fred Astaire, in the classic episode The Man with Nine Lives, as well as a further guest appearance in the equally fine Baltar's Escape. Earlier in the series run, LeGault had also appeared without the heavy make-up to play a separate character, the doomed farmer Bootes killed by the Red Eye Cylon, in the episode The Lost Warrior.

LeGault as in Classic GALACTICA, as Maga.
Our condolences go out to his wife and family in this very sad time.

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