Thursday, 14 June 2012


On the Galactica bridge, Cassiopeia helps Athena decrypt an old Arian merchant smuggling code-a clue that may help save Starbuck's life-in The Long Patrol.

UPDATED (6/18): Interestingly, this episode must have been written for Cassiopeia before it was decided her resurrected character would be a Med-Tech for Lost Planet of the Gods (which was filmed second after Gun on Ice Planet Zero)- a deleted scene from The Long Patrol sees her with Starbuck on the Rising Star in which she still refers to herself as being a Socialator. In another deleted scene from the episode, Cassie literally turns the heads of all the male bridge crew including Rigel, Tigh and Adama when she goes to see Athena. These two scenes can be found on the Galactica series Blu-ray set.

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