Sunday, 15 April 2012


Here's a great image/statistics file on the Colonial Vipers and Cylon Raiders, as seen in the first UK BATTLESTAR GALACTICA annual from Grand Dreams circa 1979. With its mixture of behind the scenes info on the original film release, nice B/W and colour stills, details on the main cast and crew, text stories and an intriguing multi-part comic strip where the Cylons allied themselves with some nasty shape-changing creatures to try and infiltrate/destroy the Galactica, this was a top-notch annual which I read constantly in the Summer holidays.

Check out this fun fan creation from David Kerin that successfully mixes old style effects footage and new CGI work in a fun and interesting way-an attempt to get UNIVERSAL's interest in a revised update of the original classic in the same way that CBS PARAMOUNT have won kudos for their updated Sixties TREK releases. Link: Battlestar Galactica (Enhanced) Trailer - YouTube

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